New Ventures

At Innes Robinson we have the experience to assist you in developing your new idea. We can assist with:

  • Setting up your new business
  • Creating a business plan
  • Structuring the ownership of your business for the best income tax result
  • Structuring the involvement of angle and venture capital investors
  • Referring you to organizations that can assist with raising capital
  • Referring you to other professionals that can assist in your growth, including lawyer and bankers that understand your business

Some of the issues that have to be considered in a startup situation are:

  • Type of company – (corporation, proprietorship, partnership, LLC, etc.)
  • Location of company – (Where: in Canada or the U.S.?)
  • Business and regulatory environment – (corporate and other laws, business conditions)
  • Taxation – (business, personal, social security, sales and excise, etc.)
  • Business and strategic planning
  • Access to markets and capital
  • Financing the venture – (banks, venture capital, private, govt. loans and grants, etc.)
  • Research and development – (technologies, product, processes, marketing, etc.)
  • Human resources – (attracting, motivating, compensating and keeping skilled workers)
  • Management – (Through all phases planning, startup, R&D, production, marketing)
  • Sales and marketing of product and services
  • Production and manufacturing
  • Selling, customer service and follow-up

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) has a host of services and information available for the new entrepreneur.  Please visit their website for more information.

National Research Council of Canada (NRC)